Voting in European Parliament elections

The elections for the European Parliament will be held on Thursday 6 June 2024. Every 5 years, residents of the European Union elect members of the European Parliament. This page informs you when and how to vote.

Can I vote?

To vote in European Parliament elections in the Netherlands, you must:  

Can I vote in the Netherlands as a non-Dutch EU citizen?

If you want to vote in the Netherlands, you must register with the municipality where you live. You can do this in 3 ways:

Can I vote in the EU country of origin?

If you want to vote in your EU country of origin, you do not have to inform the municipality of Haarlemmermeer. For more information on how to vote in your country, see the website of the European Parliamentexterne-link-icoon.

Have you previously registered in the Netherlands for the European Parliament elections? Then contact the municipality in the Netherlands where you live or lived. Your registration will then be revoked.

Can I vote from abroad if I am temporarily staying there?

Are you temporarily abroad during the elections for work, study or vacation, for example? Then you can vote by letter. You can arrange this through the municipality of The Hagueexterne-link-icoon.